Little Bite Me
Little Bite Me

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Ready to go heat-and-eat meals
Ready to go heat-and-eat meals

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Burgers and fries to take-away
Burgers and fries to take-away

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Little Bite Me
Little Bite Me

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Little Bite Me Eatery – titirangi Village  

414 Titirangi Rd, Titirangi, Auckland 0604

Phone 09 816 8707


Come and visit our home base in Titirangi Village. Pick up a made-to-order takeaway delight or delicious snap-frozen meal for heating at home. View our full current menu below or click the button below to order on the App.  


Please note: COVID-19 the takeaway menu may differ from the in-store menu. 

Menu Spring  2020  

Little Bite Me Eatery

Mexican fusion baby soft tacos 
TWO TACOS of one kind per serve (no mixing)

Pulled Brisket Beef Tacos

w/ tomato & herb salsa, jalapeño, carrot & coconut pulp, sour cream, fried shallots, citrus slaw, lettuce – $17


Panko-crumbed Fish Tacos

w/ smoked paprika thousand island dressing, pickled tomato salsa, lemony tuna tartare, citrus slaw, greens – $17


Slow Poached Prawn Tacos

w/ thousand island dressing, mango pulp, tomato salsa, citrus slaw, lettuce – $17  


Candy Spiced Pulled Pork Tacos

w/ mandarin jam, cucumber, sour cream, citrus slaw, lettuce – $17


Vegetarian Tacos

w/ spiced beans, avocado, carrot & coconut pulp, dehydrated seaweed crust & herbs – $17

For Our Little Ones


Wagyu Beef Pattie + Cheesy Cheese Slider + Fries

120gm NZ Grass-fed Wagyu patty, pan fried w/ cheesy Swiss cheese, house-made cheese sauce, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce on a brioche bun + shoe string fries – $18

Super Cheesy Mac `n Cheese + Fries

5 x panko-crumbed macaroni & cheese blocks coated in tomato sauce, house-made cheesy sauce + shoe string fries – $16 


Kid's Fish of the Day 

5 x panko-crumbed fish fingers + shoe string fries w/ garlic aioli, lemon – $16 


Tempura Chicken Bites + Fries 

8 x Tempura chicken bites + shoe string fries w/ tomato sauce – $15

Vegetarian - Something without meat 


Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato Arancini Balls Vegetarian

5 x panko-crumbed mushroom & sun-dried tomato risotto balls w/ carrot & coconut pulp, mushroom deluxe salsa, basil pesto, red peppers & salad of the day - $18 


Potato and Fresh Herb Cakes Vegetarian

w/ sliced halloumi, avocado salsa, roasted peppers, tomato salsa, house-made slaw, trio of signature sauces, topped w/ Bite Me signature dehydrated seaweed seasoning - $19


Old School Corn and Tomato Fritters Vegetarian

w/ avocado mash, tomato salsa & pickled chow chow, finished w/ our house-made salad of the day - $17


Coriander and Asian Vegetable Spring Rolls VEGAN

Coated in dehydrated seaweed seasoning, roasted cashews, peanuts, mandarin sweet chilli jam & house-made salad of the day - $18 


Seafood Indulgence 


Salt 'n Pepper Squid w/ Housemade Slaw

Asian styled squid w/ smoked paprika dressing, sweet mandarin jam & dehydrated seafood seaweed crust, Japanese citrus slaw & green leaf salad - $18


Fresh-as Fish 

Fresh & delicious fish w/ salad of the day & house-made herby tuna tartare, thousand island dressing, lemon


Choose your fish:

Panko-Crumbed Hoki - $17

Beer-Battered Snapper - $19


Fish 'n Chips 

Fresh & delicious fish w/ shoe string fries, salad of the day & house-made herby tuna tartare, thousand island dressing, lemon


Choose your fish:

Panko-Crumbed Hoki - $20

Beer-Battered Snapper - $23 

Handmade Burgers and Sandwiches

Big Boy Brisket Burger 

NZ grass-fed beef brisket braised for 48 hours in Asian mother stock w/carrot and coconut pulp, smoked cheddar, port wine & sweet soy caramelised onion jam, streaky bacon, homemade slaw, pickled cucumber, tomato and lettuce on brioche bun - $19


Fish Burger 

w/ lemony tuna tartare, smoked paprika thousand island dressing, pickled cucumber, apple cider vinegar crisps, tomato, baby greens     


Choose your fish:

Panko-Crumbed Hoki - $18

Beer-Battered Snapper - $19


Caramelised Twice-Cooked Pork Belly Burger 

Confit free-range pork belly w/ crispy fried shallots & garlic, sweet port wine soy sauce glaze, mandarin sweet chilli jam, pickled cucumber, Asian slaw - $20 


Indian-fusion Burger 

Tandoori spiced chicken thigh w/ organic coconut slices, yoghurt, roasted red peppers, tomato salsa, pickled cucumber, baby greens - $19 


Veggie Burger – Vegetarian 

Potato & mushroom herb cake w/ sliced halloumi, tomato & avocado salsa, roasted peppers, chow chow, carrot & coconut pulp, pickled cucumber, baby greens $18

Bite Me Steak Sandwich – 21 Day Cured Steak

w/ salty bacon, creamy mushrooms, caramelised onion, tomato, baby lettuce, honey mustard & garlic aioli - $19 

Croque Monsieur

Classic French style cheese sandwich w/ white wine infused cheese sauce, tomato salsa & fresh micro herbs


Choose your filling:

Pulled Pork – $17

Pulled Beef – $17

We can always do our burgers bunless for you.

Always remember your side dish

Skin-on Shoestring fries

w/ your choice of sauce - $8

Curly Fries OR Beer Battered Fries

w/ your choice of sauce - $9

Homemade Sauces

Classic Tomato

Smokey BBQ

Japanese Citrus Mayo

Chilli Bomb Oil

Carrot and Coconut Pulp

Basil pesto

Mandarin Sweet Chilli Jam

Tuna and Herb Tartare



Little Bite Me house-made salads 

Made fresh daily – ask in-store 

Sweet Treats

Selection changes daily - please check out the chiller when you come in.

All our creations are cooked to order. We use fresh organic ingredients, free-range meats, and line-caught fish.