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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hygiene rating?

We have an A+ hygiene rating. Chef Craig runs the cleanest Food Truck you will find anywhere! 


What is a mingle plate?

It's a small sized main course that is served as an individual dish. It's a social way to eat because guests can walk around with the plate and mingle! 

What is a Signature dish?

A bespoke version of a classic dish that has been given a Craig twist. He often mixes gourmet cooking techniques and hand-crafted sauces to take his Signature food to the next level. You won't find it anywhere else.

Do you make Weddings Cakes?

No, we leave that to the experts, but would be happy to arrange one for you.

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

We are more than happy to advise you which dishes will meet your requirements. Vegetarian, vegan, halal, and food allergies can all be catered for. Talk to Craig about adjusting individual dishes to suit.

Can you cater weddings that are not street food style?

Definitely. The C&C philosophy is to deliver 5-star quality catering to almost any venue. We can do all levels of food service from six course degustation, to set menus, to grazing tables. Our food truck is like a mobile kitchen which means we can come fully kitted out and ready to go. We also have a marquee and can work with your venue to blend in with the theme of your wedding.

What kind of themes can you do?

Craig has studied a very wide range of cuisines, from Traditional French to Contemporary Mexican. Our specialties are Asian Fusion and Modern Maori (using traditional herbs like pikopiko and methods such as ceviche). If you have a food theme in mind just talk to Craig about what flavours you would like. 

Who organises the salt and pepper?

We take care of everything to do with the food: plates, cutlery, seasoning, sauces, serviettes. You supply the venue, tables and the guests!

Can I keep the leftovers?

The short answer is no. Health and Safety laws say that any food left out for more than two hours can not be served. So we have to remove and destroy any left overs. That said, we are very conscious of finding a balance between making sure there’s lots for everyone and minimising waste. Our food is delicious so there’s usually very little left over anyway!

Do you do the dishes?

We take care of all the clean up of the food and plates. If we are in charge of the bar we'll do the glasses as well. We clean up our area, take any rubbish and recycling – we leave only full tummies and great memories!

My cousin is a waiter – can he help serve the food?

Sorry but we only use our own staff. We run on a skeleton crew and train our people to deliver exceptional service. We work with people we can trust to do an excellent job at your event.

Can you serve alcohol?

We hold a General Manager's License and can help organise buying, chilling and serving all your beverages: glasses, bartenders, refrigeration, wine, beer spirits, punch, cocktails, mocktails – we can sort it all for you. See the Beverages page for more details.

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How much does it cost to hire the Bite Me food truck?

$500 flat rate for truck hireage.

Please note: Wedding Packages include the hire fee in the price.

Do you travel around the country?

Yes absolutely. Travel costs are additional and depend on the location. 

The map on the right is a rough guide. 

Region 1:  Auckland Region           
No charge

Region 2: Within 3 hours of Auckland CBD 
(Hamilton, Thames, Whangarei)     $350


Region 3:  Rest of the North Island           $500


Region 4: South Island:     $2500 
(Note: minimum spend of $110 per person also applies).

Extra Staff: $260 per person, per day for travel

Is there a deposit?

Yes, we ask for half when you confirm the booking and half one week before the event. We can offer some flexibility in terms depending on the situation. Talk to Craig about other payment options.

Is there a contract?

We have a contract to sign when you make the booking that includes all our Terms and Conditions. It covers things like cancellation fees, confidentiality agreements and who pays for breakages. Ask Craig if you would like to review it. 

When are you available and do you work holidays?

We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no surcharge for public holidays. Please contact Craig to check if we are free to help with your event.

What kind of set up do you require?

The truck runs on normal power and requires approximately 6 metres long x 3 meters wide of flat ground with 4 metres high roof space.

We can arrange to bring all the gear required with us – fridges, warming plates, dishwashers – so you don’t need to worry about organising anything to do with cooking or service. We even take all our waste with us.

Promotion terms and conditions

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